Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night I caught my first fish at 10:15. It was my first big one. Me and Dirt were so excited we forgot to messure it.


Erin Moore said...

That fish is HUGE! Daddy told me that you had two others biting as well! You are quite the fisherman, Avery! ...and I can't believe how late you slept in this morning! You are turning out to be a night owl like Daddy!

Love you and am proud of you! I'm so glad that school is out so you can go fishing with Daddy!


Grandma said...

Great job Avery! That must of been hard to real in. Your muscles must of come in really handy!

Does Daddy let you call him "Dirt" when you are fishing? Glad you are liking to fish, so now Dad won't be so lonely at night. Have fun this summer!

Love you,

K-Sea said...

Nice job Avery! I wish I could catch a fish like that. maybe you can teach me?

Uncle Shaun

Mark said...

Wow!! That is a BIG first fish! Congratulations!!

MaineMom said...

Hey Avery - great job! Uncle Shaun is jealous! I bet your dad is too!

Marina said...

WOW AVERY! Awesome fishy you got their!!

See you soon (hopefully!)

Love MINA!!!