Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Sisters

My sister Amelle is 7 years old and my other sister Amaya is 2 years old.

Amelle likes playing with me and Amaya. My sisters get a little annoying sometimes and they are very nice at the same time. My sister Amaya is very smart she can count up to 40. Amelle likes playing with her dolls and same with Amaya. They also like playdoh and one of her dolls is named Beckett after my baby cousin who is almost 6 months old. I love my sisters and we do not get along all the time but we get along some times.


Marina said...


Tell Amelle and Amaya that i miss them k and i miss you to oh and guess what 2 more days 'till we come home! yay yay!

Marina said...

oh by the way my moms like "you and avery should have a sleepover" and i was like "if we do we are going to have it at Avery's house!"

Wendy said...

Hey Avery - I know sisters can be VERY annoying sometimes. But, when you get older you will love having them in your life.

T5M said...

Hey Avery,
Your sisters love having you as a big brother!

...and when they get older, your sisters will marry, and you'll have brother-in-laws and maybe sister-in-laws (if your future wife has sisters), then the whole family gets BIG and you end up with a whole bunch of brothers & sisters!! WOWZERS!

Just think of me & Uncle Shaun - we started out as two people and now our 2 families are eleven people!!!

Holy cow when you and Amelle and Amaya, and Joelle, and Mina, and Will, and Beckett, and Ariel have kids! How many people do you think will be in your family then??

MOM said...

That was really nice to write such wonderful things about your sisters.

It's hard not having a brother that would be on your side. Like Auntie Wendy said, you will love your sisters when you get older and they will always look up to you because you are their BIG brother. It is pretty special being born first in the family!

Love, Grandmom

K-Sea said...

Very nice post Avery! I am proud to have you as a nephew!

Uncle Shaun